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Modelling and simulation as a service

Grant your users access to high-quality simulations whenever and wherever needed

Benefit from professional management of high-value simulation assets.

Modelling and Simulation resources are rare, expensive, and require efficient implementation, therefore the way they are handled is crucial.

SRP is a resource management and collaborative exercise preparation solution, enabling your organization to become more efficient by simplifying the execution of simulations.

Organizations can share and use their public simulation resources, promoting collaboration through training assets, exercises and scenarios.

SRP - the Netflix of simulations

Asset repository

SRP simplifies the process of defining simulation assets for training and exercise objectives, then link them to underlying scenarios.

Re-use of scenarios

Minimize cost and maximize efficiency by reusing your own training exercises and scenarios, or choose from the publicly available ones in the repository.

Modelling and Simulation as a Service

Through the click of a button your users can easily deploy and execute their desired environments, making the entire process as easy as selecting a movie to watch.

Organization-wide simulations on demand

SRP enables all the functionalities you need to give these high-value assets the attention they deserve by maximizing resource utilization and simplifying their re-use.
You can use predefined settings or easy-to-configure workflows to make sure SRP matches your favorite way of working.

Through the use of open standards-based architecture, SRP supports international metadata exchange and offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

By encapsulating resource management with on-demand simulation services, your organization’s workflow is simplified while delivering a cost-efficient solution to ensure that your users are benefiting from anywhere, everytime. 

  • On-demand simulation
  • MSaaS portal
  • Simulation resource planning
  • Scenario management
  • Training & exercise management

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SRP offers you the benefits of cloud-based simulation and collaborative exercise preparation.

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Turn-key solution that supports the entire lifecycle of simulation environments​

Your Challenge

SRP can be used as a stand-alone solution that provides on-demand simulations and asset management.


However, it is also designed to integrate seamlessly with RAPTOR, thereby being able to access the entire scenario repository stored in SRP.