Our core values: Quality, Reliability, Transparency

Are you a visionary team-player that thrives on exceeding expectations?

Collaboration is crucial to our success, and we work together to create solutions that reflect quality, dependability, and transparency.

If you have a love for data, complex challenges and would like to collaborate with a like-minded global team, your ideal workplace might be here, with us.

Feel free to check out the open positions down below, or send us an unsolicited application, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Join us in Germany or USA.

Munich, Germany

Virginia beach, usa

“I like the mindset and culture, and love being part of a team that gives its all to make the best solutions possible.”
Wilhelmine Dohmen
Product owner

Open positions

We strive to keep earning trust at all times.
We are always looking for like-minded people, so please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We do not have any positions available right now, but you can send us an unsolicited application via e-mail at mailREMOVE@REMOVEadiREMOVEternaREMOVE.deREMOVE