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Your go-to platform for secure, resilient and scalable data sharing.

Match the speed of collecting your data with the ability to use and protect it.

The myriad of data streams that are used in organizations span across borders and divisions, which lead to data being difficult to access.

By not having easily accessible data, actions and quality decision-making are severely limited.

FUSION combines those data streams into one, unified, platform, making finding and analyzing the right data sets easy, fast and safe.

FUSION enables you to create unique data awareness

One platform for everything​

FUSION incorporates multiple data streams, regardless of their format, making sure that all data is aggregated into one place, easily findable, correct and relevant at all times.

Data resilience

FUSION is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), which strenghtens the system as a decentralized, self-securing data sharing and distribution platform.

Intuitive user interface

FUSION’s unified platform provides its users the easiest and shortest path to finding and analyzing their data, improving workflow and user experience.

Multiple classification levels

Permissions and roles are granular, ensuring that users with different attributes can only access and edit their respective data.

More than just a data portfolio management (DPM)

With extra functionalities to assess and improve interoperability of data and data quality, FUSION promotes a singular environment where every data-related function can be performed in one place, without needing to change platforms.

FUSION makes use of NCMS (NATO Core Metadata Specification) metadata storage, while also allowing COI-specific (Community of Interest) additions, making it a flexible and powerful solution.

By making use of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) through its Blockchain implementation, FUSION uses multiple clusters of storage and security, therefore if one is unresponsive, your data is safe and secure on the other clusters

  • Secure data sharing via Blockchain
  • Data integrity
  • NCMS metadata
  • Resilient system design
  • Open standards-based architecture

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FUSION provides a platform for secure, resilient and scalable data sharing across communities

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