The way we do things

The key to our workflow is you…and agile.

We want to understand your needs and then cater to them. In order to do that, agile allows us to deliver value to you by making use of short-term goals addressed in sprints in an interactive and iterative process.

Throughout the entire project’s process, you will be involved in before, during, and after every decision is being made, so that we make sure that what you want is what you get.

We offer you transparency so that our partnership is built on trust and understanding, as well as continous delivery of solutions tailored for you.

Your satisfaction will be sky-high, by being constantly in the know of what is being done, why it is being done and making sure that our solutions are offering your projects value.

Research & development

Powerful knowledge and insights lead to innovation, and that is what we stand for.
We are constantly investing in research activities throughout the world so that we make sure that our solutions can benefit your needs the best.

Here are some of the research activities that we have invested in to ensure that our solutions are always innovative:

  • Cooperation with the University of the Armed Forces Munich and ITIS e.V., where we also regularly hold workshops for interested parties
  • Active engagement of our founders in the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG)
    • Various leadership roles (NMSG chair, working group leads)
    • Leading the NATO MSaaS efforts
    • Participating in annual NMSG Symposium
  • US DoD research efforts as part of the SBIR/STTR programs

High-tech & established methods

We want to make it easy for you to publish, access, share and use better quality data.
Because of that, we make use of open data standards to maintain consistency, speed and reliability with our solutions.

We also make use of application programming interfaces (APIs) to ensure that our flexible solutions are seamlessly integrated with your specific needs.

We make use of the following practices to ensure that our solutions can be easily integrated into your existing systems:

  • MSC-DMS (M&S Community of Interest
  • Discovery Metadata Specification)
  • Experience API (xAPI)
  • NATO Core Metadata Specification (NCMS)
  • NATO Core Data Framework (NCDF)
  • Http, rest, json

Open standards

Because we want to offer you the best solution, we combine the latest technology with proven methods for the best results.

Some of the methods that we make use of are:

  • Blockchain technology (e.g., using Hyperledger)
  • Cluster storage (e.g., using Apache Hadoop)
  • Ontology (triple store)
  • Relational database management systems, such as PostgreSQL

Are you a visionary looking for new challenges?

We strive to surpass expectations and are aware that collaboration is the key to achieving that. Agile, creative, solution-oriented, innovative - is who we are.

Is that who you are too?