Simulation Resource Planning

Addressing current issues relating to the development and management of simulation models requires management of the entire lifecycle. Early requirements and development activities need to be considered in conjunction with quality assurance activities and the way in which users use models.

Simulation Resource Planning is the management of all processes and work items along the entire planning, development, and usage cycle of simulation models and systems.

Simulation Lifecycle

Simulation Lifecycle

The crucial aspect of Simulation Resource Planning is to include all lifecycle phases instead of focusing exclusively on dedicated parts. Information collected at an early stage is vital in later phases and may not be reconstructed afterwards.

Simulation Resource Planning is all about processes and work items. Processes are required to improve the maturity of model development and usage activities. Work items are created within the processes and need to be organized and managed efficiently and effectively.

With M&S striving to move from art to an engineering discipline, Simulation Resource Planning is essential for your success and gives you a key advantage over your competitors.