Core Module “Quality Assurance”

QualityAssurance2To improve quality assurance and the credibility of your simulations!

Holistic support for Verification and Validation (V&V) activities

aditerna SRP treats verification and validation as an integral part of the model lifecycle, not just as a nice-to-have add-on. As such, V&V is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the model lifecycle. This  includes processes, work items, templates, and much more.

Sophisticated “Track changes” mode and review capabilities

Strict review processes are at the heart of many V&V activities. aditerna SRP provides a sophisticated “Track changes” mode that not only includes all features known from standard word processors but also provides functionalities such as selective comment filtering and traceability of changes across all document versions. aditerna SRP also offers excellent support for
review processes, including dedicated review templates.

Collaborative work in the information age

These days, collaborative work is more than just sharing documents or editing Wiki pages. True collaborative work includes easy access for all stakeholders, intuitive document editing capabilities, and up-to-date information for all parties at all times. aditerna SRP is your central hub for all M&S-related information and enables true collaborative work in your enterprise.