Core Module “Development & Implementation”

Core Module "Development & Implementation"To increase efficiency of concept development and implementation!

Traceability throughout the entire development process

aditerna SRP gives you full traceability from requirements through the final implementation of a simulation model. Both forward and backward traceability are supported and facilitate easy requirements management for your M&S projects.

Templates for specifications and documentation

With the ability to define templates for specifications and the documentation of all work items, aditerna SRP enables you to easily establish continuous documentation across all your M&S projects. Predefined templates, based on international standards and industry best practices, allow for a consistent way of working.

Role-based user interface and workflows

Featuring a role-based user interface, aditerna SRP hides complexity from its users. Working on the same database, each user is provided with information according to their specific role. aditerna SRP automatically keeps track of the processes you are carrying out and provides a full set of workflow functionalities to guide users through these processes.